ballerina posing by a brick wall in Pismo Beach
ballerina posing by a brick wall in Pismo Beach
ballerina on a tennis court in Pismo Beach
ballerina en pointe in white tutu in Pismo Beach

Thank you so much Grace and Kassandra for sharing your talent and passion with me. You are both wonderful examples of strong young women pursuing your dreams

These gorgeous dancers make it look easy, but in reality they train many, many hours each week perfecting their art. They spend their summer vacations attending ballet intensives with highly-esteemed ballet schools and companies where they live the life of a professional dancer, attending technique and repertory classes 6 or more days a week. Their passion and dedication is truly inspiring. 

ballerina en pointe in Pismo Beach

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ballerina in black tutu en pointe in Pismo Beach
dancing posing on a tennis court in Pismo Beach

Ballerinas are fun to photograph both on-stage and at the dance studio. But what I really enjoy is shooting dancers outdoors in interesting locations. The natural light and unlimited space combined with architectural elements or natural beauty provide a great setting to capture the strength and beauty of dance movement. Grace and Kassandra are two amazingly talented ballerinas who train at The Movement Arts Center in San Luis Obispo. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot with them recently. 

Ballerinas in Pismo Beach

February 5, 2018

dancer leaping on a tennis court in Pismo Beach

For this shoot's location, I chose a public tennis court adjacent to the old police station building in Pismo Beach. I wanted a gritty location with an urban, athletic vibe to tie in with the dancers' athleticism, yet contrast with their elegance and graceful beauty. The flat surface was also ideal for the dancers to pose en pointe for some of the shots, as well as hit some leaps. 

dancer leaping on a tennis court in Pismo Beach
two ballerinas in tutus in Pismo Beach